Where is my bb app world icon

bbcurvegirl 12:58 PM 02-17-2011

Posts: 1 BlackBerry: 8520

3days back I got a message from RIM about the updated version of BlackBerry Messanger. I received a notification inside my messages inbox for the update and without much thought, I upgraded via the link provided in that notification message. After successfully installing, a routine reboot was done and after that BlackBerry App World icon never showed up since then although it is displayed under the list of installed applications. I was then shocked to find out that the only solution to this problem for the time being is by doing a device wipe and restoring it back in order for it to show up. I took it to the service store of blackberry where my handset was formatted and reinstalled with all the messengers and BlackBerry App World.


Where is my bb app world icon

I connected my phone with the BlackBerry desktop manager and it says BlackBerry App World has been installed but I dont find anywhere the icon to be browsed. I have blackberry curver 8520 series, which I bought it in Nov 2010. The icon is not in hidden mode. One of my friends suggested I should download it from blackberry/apps-software/appworld/download, but unfortunately, the browser IE doesnt support this and I could not download it.

OPTIONS -> Applications -> Add-on. bb apps world is installed along with bb application center, bb maps. The apps is installed but there is no icon anywhere for it. Deleting and re-installing it did not work. I have selected show all and it is nowhere to be found. I am getting pretty frustrated.

Please help!!

peegee 06:36 PM 02-23-2011

I am having same problem, I cannot get any joy from Blackberry or my Phone provider, it seems nobody wants to know. I have tried to reload Apps World via the Apps World site but it will not sync to allow the downloads. If this is not sorted soon I will just throw the phone away because I cannot upgrade till 2012.

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