Where can i get free ringtones for my android phone

How To Get Ringtones On Your Android Phone – Step By Step Guide With Photos & Video

Just picked up the Motorola Android powered Droid last week. Have had a lot of people ask for a more in depth review from me…

First of all… lets get our priorities straight. We need to load up some ring tones.

I could not find anywhere that had a good guide on how to do it. There was some information here and there but nothing like step by step walk through. So here you go!

Where can i get free ringtones for my android phone

Watch the video for a quick how to:

For those a little slower I made step by step instructions with pics:


Step 1) Get the clip of the song you want to use in mp3 format. I use a program called Amadeus for MACOSX but you can use whatever you want.

Step 2) Plug in your Android phone into your computer via the USB cable it came with.

Step 3) On your phone under notifications click on the USB notification and choose mount:

Step 4) Open the drive and make a new folder called “ringtones” (all lower case) – If you also want to make custom notification sounds then mane one called “notifications”.

Step 5) Copy your ringtones you made into this ringtones folder you just made :

Step 6) Eject the drive from your computer (on your mac just drag it to the trash)

Step 7) Unplug your phone.

Step 8) On your phone go to home -> settings-> Sound & Display -> Phone Ringtone and choose the ringtone you just uploaded.

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