Iphone app where i can watch tv shows

The Best iPad Apps to Watch Movies, Videos and TV Shows

Besides browsing the web, the iPad is most used for watching movies, TV shows and other videos. True to its goal, the iPad has turned out to be one of the most popular devices for consuming video content over the years. Millions of users actively seek, download/stream videos – of movies, of TV shows, of other video content – on their iPad. Occasionally, of course, there’s the option of using AirPlay to stream directly to Apple TV.

Iphone app where i can watch tv shows

The iPad has a lot of apps ready to offer you countless hours of streaming videos. Your favorite TV shows, movies and other videos are up there, ready to be streamed via countless apps designed for this purpose.


While a few services do offer truly free movies and TV shows as it is promised in the promotional material, there are mostly subscription-based services which offer one of the best services in this sector.

Here are some of these iPad apps:

Obviously, you can’t have this list without the two stalwarts: Netflix and Hulu. Netflix has a free app that shows you all the movies and TV shows that are syndicated via NetFlix. Movies appear on Netflixafter 28 days of their release so there’s a dearth of movies always.

The unlimited plan will cost you $7.99.

Right next to Netflix is Hulu, which is a stiff competitor to the former. Hulu has been offering an equally amazing set of TV shows for its subscribers. The service charges pretty much the same as Netflix at $7.99 and there is what Hulu calls ‘limited advertising’.

Crackle from Sony isn’t anywhere near the top of the game but it sure brings you some TV shows (including Seinfeld) and much more than that, it brings free movies. There’s on-demand watching and interestingly, there’s no subscription here. It’s unlike Netflix and Hulu where you’ve got to pay to stream.

Crackle obviously also has some good spec: HQ videos, there’s AirPlay support, and it includes some genres for you to pick from.

SnagFilms has a huge collection of (over 3000) films in its database that you can stream for free. Like Crackle, this is an amazing collection of films that go up for free: no subscription, no payment. A majority of these films are not the popular ones on demand. With its collection of over 300 indie films, you know where the app is focused on.

If you’re more than just an average movie watcher, SnagFilms has something really great to offer.

AOL TV isn’t a streaming app per se but it sure connects itself to the idea of movie apps for the iPad. At its core, it’s just a news aggregator for TV shows, movies and whatever content your service provider offers. But going a bit further, it lets you get more info on the TV shows, movies and other content. Integration to IMBD, Wikipedia means you get info right at your fingertips.

Video Time Machine

Video Time Machine is an unusual video app. The app works as a showcase of videos from 1860s to the current year. Amazing moments captured on video from time as far back in history as the nineteenth century. You might not get addicted to this unlike a few users, but you sure are going in for some real entertainment. Best of all, it’s all free.

Each channel has an app but it sucks to have a lot of channel-based apps on your iPad. Instead, if you can get apps like AOL TV or Netflix / Hulu, you can hit the shows you want to watch at the right time. Besides, it becomes simpler to manage all your shows and movies under one roof.

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