Does wheres my droid work if the phone is off

Where's My Droid

Texting doesn't activate the app

  • Do you have a texting replacement app such as Handcent, Go SMS, or AT&T Messenger? If so follow the workaround at the bottom of this page.
  • If you have Google Voice as a replacement for regular texting, this app will not function. This app needs real texting provided by your network provider.
  • If you're texting from a text sending website, such as vtext, the app will most likely not function. Try using the Commander found on our website if you want to use a computer.
  • Some attention words may not work right. Try changing the attention word for the feature you are trying to use. Also, if you're trying a phrase (more than one word) then try using just a single word. Please note that any text that starts with that word will set it off.
  • If the phone you're texting from has a signature, try removing the signature. The app can ignore signatures, but sometimes is unable to.
  • If all else fails, an uninstall then reinstall usually clears up most problems.


center> Does wheres my droid work if the phone is off

Can't unistall the app

  • If you can't uninstall the app you may need to remove it as a 'Device Admin' first. This can be done though either the lock or wipe setup menus.

Texting replacement apps

  • If you have an SMS replacement app (Handcent/Go SMS). The workaround to fix this is very similar for both apps.

Go SMS - Open Go SMS, hit 'Menu' and click 'Settings'. Select "Message Notification" and uncheck the 'Disable other message notifications'. Now open the built in SMS app, hit 'Menu' then click settings, there is a setting called 'Notifications' uncheck that.

Handcent SMS - Open Hancent, Hit 'Menu' and select Settings, Click Application settings, then Default Messaging Application, Set this to 'Disable'. Then open the built in SMS app, hit 'Menu' then click settings, there is a setting called 'Notifications' uncheck that.

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