Iphone duplicate photos when sync

@bassplayer7 is correct, and here's the breakdown.

Steps to recreate the issue:

  1. On iPhone: HDR setting off.
  2. On iPhone: take a picture
  3. On iPHOTO: Select (or automatically) Import photos
  4. On iTunes: on your iPhone settings, in the photo tab, select 'sync Photos from iphoto'
  5. On iTunes: Sync.

Presto! Two sets of the same photo(s).

  • In step 3, you didn't tell iPhoto to delete the photos off your phone after import
  • In step 4-5, iTunes was told to copy photos that were recently added to iPhoto.
Iphone duplicate photos when sync

Reason there is no trash can:


  • The iPhone has TWO photo directories.
    • The first one is the photo ROLL. This is created by the iPhone, and this is where pictures you have taken or saved from applications on the phone are stored. They can be manipulated and deleted.
    • The Second directory is the 'imported from PC' directory, and this is read only. You cannot modify these directly from the iPhone. This is intentional, so that iPhoto can maintain them.

The confusing part about it, is that when you look at the iPhone 'Photo Library', they all appear combined. The distiction you can see is that the 'Camera Roll' should only have the copy you took on the device, and there should be a folder in the Albums list that shows the items imported back from iPhoto.

The solution: Check your settings on iTunes and iPhoto. Decide if you want iTunes to copy the last import back to the phone, and on iPhoto, check if you want to import and delete.

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