Iphone battery percentage jumps when plugged in

iphone 4s battery percentage jumping around

iPhone 4s battery percentage jumping around

location: apple - date: February 12, 2012

Noticed this morning my phone shut off with

6% battery left. When I plugged in to charge, it only took a few seconds to come back on and it was it was already at 11%. It seems to be jumping around, any advice? Previously no issues with the battery.

Iphone battery percentage jumps when plugged in

Has anyone noticed the displayed battery percentage being incorrect? I've seen a couple of examples.  Once when I let my iPhone 4S drain down to 1% and then continued to use a GPS app for another 20 minutes until the phone turned off.  Another example was last night when my iPhone 4S charged up to full at 96% (notice the plug ni the battery indicator). 


Hello, I've recently noticed that the battery percentage indicator on my iPhone 4S is inaccurate. The phone switches off when the battery percentage indicates 22% and the battery icon shows that some juice is still left. The meter won't go down to zero before the phone switches off. Has anyone else faced this issue? Any suggestions as to what I can do to sort it?  Many thanks. Prashan.

Because I have found that the battery of my new iPhone 4S went down more than 20% within 8 hours overnight while it was in the airplane mode with only the alarm clock app running in the background. During this period of time, the phone was never disturbed since I was in sleep and nobody else could touch my phone. Please take the poll with the percentage converted to the 8 hour period. For the data to be accurate, please report the percentage with the phone not used except for one or a few small apps running in the background (such as an alarm clock). Thank you for taking this poll!

I updated my iphone 3g to 3.0 GM seed and everything works fine. without mms and all those other 3gs features obviously, but i have a indicator next to my battery. now at first i thought this was normal. then i did my dads, and it didnt happen to his. there is no option in the settings menu, and doesnt seem like its supposed to be there, ive been looking around apples site and says that feature is for iphone3gs only? does anyone else have this percentage indicator'? thanks. also i dont have the options to turn on or off mms and or battery life. its just on? but mms doesnt work not yet anyways

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