Iphone alarm work when phone turned off

How to Turn Off Your iPhone's Timer and Alarm Just by Waving Your Hand

How to Turn Off Your iPhone's Timer and Alarm Just by Waving Your Hand

Whether it's because you're too startled from a sudden awakening or you're elbow-deep in cake batter, turning an alarm or timer off on your phone can be annoying. So why not simplify the process by eliminating the need to even touch your phone?

Iphone alarm work when phone turned off

With these free apps by Augmented Minds. you can turn off your timer or alarm with just a wave of your hand. That means no more fumbling in the dark for the right button, and more importantly, no more worrying about getting food on your iPhone.


Wave Timer

Turning off a timer while cooking can be a hassle, especially if you're making something that takes your full attention or requires you to get your hands messy. Old-school kitchen timers may have been made to get a little dirty, but with the technological advances in the last few years, a lot of people use their smartphones instead.

No one wants a sticky iPhone, so that's where WaveTimer comes in handy! This simple and beautifully designed iOS app allows users to set a timer and then turn it off with the simple wave of a hand.

Setting the timer is an easy process—just turn the wheel to the designated time and press the large play button to start. To turn off the alarm, simply wave your hand across the iPhone's front camera. The alarm can also be turned off by shaking the phone, but the application has to be open in the foreground for all of these motion sensors to work.

Wave Alarm

Just like Wave Timer, Wave Alarm lets you stop that awful beeping sound by waving your hand in front of your phone.

Also very elegantly designed, this app lets you silence or snooze your alarm without having to touch your phone. You can choose from 10 different wake-up sounds, or select a song from your music library.

Got another cool timer that you use on your smartphone? Let us know your favorites in the comments.

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