Ipad is not charging when plugged into wall

Not Charging When Plugged Into The Wall?

Jul 3, 2012

I bought my iPad in mid April this year and just lately it is not charging. I use an extension chord to plug in my iPads adapter, I have tried using the wall, but still nothing.

General. IPad Not Charging When Plugged Into Wall

Jan 22, 2013

IPad. Plugged Into Wall Charger But Battery Charging Indicator Keeps Flashing

Won't Charge I've Plugged It Into Both Wall And Computer

Mar 23, 2012

My I pad won't charge I've plugged it into both wall and computer the battery symbol won't even come up it just stays blank and I no I didn't break it


IPad. Won't Charge When Plugged To The Wall

Jul 1, 2014

The iPad was normal until today. When plugged to the wall, the Ipad was charging correctly and it was showing "charging". When I came back today to charge it, the iPad wasnt charging and showed "not charging" even if it was plugged to the wall. This usually happens with a computer but now it happened using the wall. Sometimes it did not even showed "not charging" like the iPad was not charging AT ALL even if it was plugged in. The computer does not recognize the iPad anymore.

I tried everything, from checking all my settings and switching options to make the battery better to power off and power on. I did some research on the Internet and I found nothing to solve my problem. However, this post explains well my situation: [URL].

Please note that the cable and the adapter are working fine because I tested them with other Apple devices.

IPad 2 Working Only When Plugged In To The 10W Wall Charger

Today my iPad2 suddenly stopped turning on. Now it just turns on when connected to the 10W wall charger, and even so it works only for about one minute and then turns off again. �

Could it be a problem related to its battery and I should replace it? �

When I turn it on (using the wall charger) it says the battery is fully (100%) charged.�

IPad Air. Plugged Into Wall Outlet And Charged Overnight To 99%

Not Charging Prompt - Charging With Wall Charger From Computer ?

Ipad is not charging when plugged into wall

Charging From Wall Or IMac? Which Is Better?

Jul 15, 2010

Charging from the Wall or Charging from my iMac? I usually just charge from my iMac, but I would still like to see what's better.

Not Charging With Mac Or Wall Socket

Nov 27, 2010

So my IPad is down to 8% battery and I plug in the power adaptor to charge it from my iMac and I'm surprised that it neither seems to recognise that it is plugged in or appears in my ITunes list of connected devices. So I power the IPad off and power it on, still nothing. The battery icon is still at 8% and not indicating that it is recharging. So I do a hard reboot and still nothing.

Now it is plugged in via a wall socket and even now is still at 8% and not appearing to recharge.

What could be the issue.

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