Blackberry curve turns off when charging

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Please try this sequence. note that, throughout the entire 4p5m process, your BB must remain directly connected to a known-good wall charger (not PC USB, not a cradle):

  1. With the battery inside, connect your BB to the wall charger
  2. Leave it alone for 2 hours, no matter what the LED or the display does
  3. Remove the battery
  4. Wait 15 minutes
  5. Insert the battery
  6. Wait another 2 hours, no matter what the LED or the display does
Blackberry curve turns off when charging

This has been known to "kick start" some BBs.

It is also possible that your battery or BB has experienced a problem. to test, this sequence is needed:

  1. Obtain an known good and already fully charged additional battery. use it in your BB and see what happens
  2. Obtain access to a known good and identical BB. use your battery in it and see what happens


The results of this will indicate if it's your BB or your battery that has the problem. Note carefully please that "new" and "know good" are not necessarily the same things. While rare, a "new" battery certainly could be defective. Rather, the simplest (and least costly, btw) method to conduct this test is to find someone with an identical BB who has no issues. trade batteries and see what happens.

Otherwise, if it were me, I'd be asking the seller to make good on selling me a device with problems.

Good luck and let us know!

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