Android phone touch screen problems when charging

DROID X2 - Troubleshooting Display / Touchscreen Issues

Published 04/20/2011 09:34 AM

Updated 03/20/2012 10:03 AM

Troubleshooting Display Issues

If you are experiencing issues with your display try the steps below to resolve the issue:

Are you using a screen protector or case?

The DROID X2 has a capacitive touch screen which requires your skin to touch the screen. If you are using a screen protector your screen may not work as designed as the display does not get a good connection with your skin. Try removing the screen protector and see if this resolves your issue

Android phone touch screen problems when charging

Power-cycle the phone.

Phones problems, like PC's, can be corrected with re-boot! Reboot your phone daily for best performance.

Does the issue only occur when using certain applications or functions?

If you are only experiencing the issue while using certain functions or applications it could be a sign of a problem with that app. If this was a downloaded app, try to unisntall the application and see if the issue continues. You can always reinstall the application if it was downloaded from the Market by going into the my downloads menu in the Android Market.

Does your screen turn black when charging?

This is normal when the handset is powered off and charging, press the power button. Handset should display a battery graphic showiing the battery is charging. Try leaving the phone to charge overnight. Unplug from charger when 100% and power on handset.

Is the backlight / display dim?

Try cleaning the display

If your display is scratched or dirty you can attempt to clean it with a soft dry cloth. You should never use any type of liquid on your display. Dust or oils on the display can reduce the touch sensitivity. Try cleaning the display and see if this resolves the issue.

Display flicker / Lines on display

If you have lines on your display or your display flickers and you have already completed a power cycle and went through the applicable steps above, your handset may need repair .

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