Whats the word guy on phone

4 pictures 1 word answers

Answers for 4 Pics 1 Word: What’s the Word Level 101-200 for Android

3 letter words

Emo – alot of sculls, a sad cartoon person, a girl sitting on guys lap kissing his cheek, a girl throwing her middle finger up

Bar – stack of gold, a Chocolate, Someone pouring margaritas, Someone making margaritas

Arm – hand pointing, woman carrying an axe, woman stretching, soldiers posing with weapons

Pay – Pen writing on a check, red card, money (bills, euros and dollars), lady checking her wallet with women behind her in a line.

4 letter words

Edge – Pictures are: a knife, razor blade, man in hard hat, and rock climbers

Suit – knocking a judge’s gavel, a man w/ arms crossed, a lady w/ arms crossed, cards showing hearts 10, jack, queen, & king

Punk – a lady with a black shirt and skirt, a couple sitting on a beach wearing black jackets, a black shirt with a skull

Face – an eye, nose, mouth and someone with their hand up to their ear

Deep – a ocean with fish, a woman standing in front of an ocean, a dark sky with stars and a moon, and water with bubbles in it

Tree – water, lead, and rings of a tree and bark of the tree

Grin – A devil smiling and pointing. 1 guy with a magnifying glass on his teeth and 2 other people just smiling.

Time – Pictures are of a man holding a clock, a calendar with 3 dates pinned, ’2013′, and a family in all white.

Draw – A gun,soccor balls with 2:2, a colored sun smiling, hand drawing a girl

Walk – A fashion show of girls, a fire rescue black – white dog, someone walking with tennis shoes on. and two people holding hands on a field

Bake – Chef holding on to a tray holder with bread, a whisk in chocolate, baking dough, cookie cut outs with a rolling pin

hand – a hand with a watch on, two different clocks, old man holding some cards

Iron – Golf club an ball, man leanin on pile of folded clothes on ironin board, gear box, an iron with steam coming out of it

5 letter words

Crank – a pool table, a guy pulling something, some bolts, an old crank

Slice – Zucchini, Bread (Or french bread?), Cakes, a lemon slices

Whats the word guy on phone

Bluff – a high cliff, someone jumping from one cliff to another, and two guys holding cards

wreck – An old car, and old ship, a broken airplane, and a broken car

Float – Blue Monkey, Parade, 2 astronauts in space,& one astronaut in space

Glass – Water being poured, windshield, a scientist, and a building

Stack – A woman with books a kid playing Jenna with his dad and some rocks on top of each other in water.

Score – Picture of a basketball going into the hoop, a piece of sheet music, a green animated pencil with hands and three boxes one with happy, indifferent, and sad face.

Shape – girl jogging, empty picture frames, someone spining a clay bowl, and a right edge ruler.

Coach – Horse drawn carriage, red train, front of a bus, and a virtual game table (maybe hockey/soccer) with someone holding a pencil.

Stuff – dirty dishes, turkey on veggies, guy squishing a suit together, little boy shoving noodles in his mouth

6 letter words

Vowels – 1st pic- the letter A. 2nd- E. 3rd- i. 4th- o.

choice – Man looking up at devil and angel, man looking at arrows pointing left, up and right, woman with head on table looking between apple and cupcake, green marking with green checkmark in box. Letters are

Barrel – oil, a gun, another gun, cat in a bucket

Screen – Yellow divider, woman on computer with pictures on monitor, couple looking at TVs and sifting flour.

Course – A man playing golf, a plate of food, a teacher doing math and two kids on a computer.

Whats the word guy on phone

Capital – white house, eiffel tower, “news” and a letter B.

7 letter words

Germany – woman with beer mug, cars on freeway,a castle, a monument.

Dictate – Guy in green army suit pointing. lady and guy standing in office like she is recording him talking, a lady holding recorder up to her mouth, a guy pointing at computer with girls in business suits

Carrier – Red cord phone, football player catching ball, girl with red & white envelope, a surround sound

Capital – white house, eiffel tower, “news” and a letter B

Seasons – Flowers, girl on a beach, leaves, and two people on a sled.

Costume – 4 pictures a clown a child with a cowboy hat dogs in glasses and woman in mask is costume

Perform – several operating surgeons, spot-lighting diva, lab guy, play-acting child

Degrees – Grads throwing caps, compass & protractor, thermometer, and what looks like a chinese compass

Weather – sunflowers in the sun, thunderstorm, frosty leaves and puddles

8 letter words

Assemble – School kids in the yard fist pumping, a man sketching outside, a car factory and a green sign with four people and four arrows.

Negative – A short piece of film ( for movies ). a urine test cup with drug test on top. women with her arm out pointing her arm down. a women covering her face with her hand in shame

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