Whats the word app dead fish

Dead Birds and Dead Fish – What's Going On?

Direct translate from Dutch. A woman from the U.S. state of Kentucky found dozens of dead birds in her front yard.She left the local media know, never having seen anything.

There are about 500 birds found near New Roads, Louisiana, just after the incident inArkansas, where thousands of birds were falling from the sky.

Whats the word app dead fish

The local nature reported that especially starlings and blackbirds were found in PointeCoupee Parish.

Wildlife and Fisheries scientists are sent to the area to take samples. These are thentested at the University of Georgia and the National Wildlife Center in Wisconsin.


The fishing mortality does not seem to be bound by the U.S. state of Arkansas. TheMinistry of Environment of the State of Maryland has confirmed that tens of thousands ofdead fish were found in the Chesapeake Bay.

A spokesman said earlier that the fish usually swim to warmer waters before it

entersthe cold. Why they have not done is unclear.

There are now reports that upwards of 500 dead black birds have been found in Louisiana. Source: Niburu.nl

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