Whats the best construction project management app for ipad 2012

Best iPad Project Management Apps to Manage Projects on the Go

Project management is essential for both small teams and large corporations. It is one of the most essential factors that decide how well you and your team perform and completes a project. There are countless desktop apps for managing projects, assigning tasks to team members, tracking the progress, making corrections and so on and so forth.

Whats the best construction project management app for ipad 2012

We’re now living in the age of the 3rd-gen iPad and quite noticeably, there are tons of iPad project management apps. You’ll mostly find that these apps are great for managing small teams. But you can extend them to use for larger projects with larger teams. The idea is to split things into smaller, manageable chunks in which case, things become easier to handle, manage and perform.

Best Project Management Apps for iPad and iPad Mini

#1. Project Management

It doesn’t matter whether you are working on PMI, Six Sigma, Prince 2 or Agile project management, you will get every detail with video lectures. This will surely make you learn a lot of new things and let you manage your projects with ease. Right after watching the 17 video lectures in this app you are sure to manage your time and sources in a better way. The app is a must for every person who is keen to learn about project management, especially the business persons who want to enhance their management skills.

Price: Free

#2. Liquid Planner

Liquid Planner app is an extension of its web service for project management. When you work with a team of 10 to 20 members, it is quite difficult to manage the things on the go. This is where you need apps like Liquid Planner that allows you to track estimated time taken for the project, check the schedule and estimates, updating the projects and tasks and much more. You can also share important documents related to your project work.

Price: Free

#3. Project Planner HD

Project Planner (for iPhone) was one of the most popular team/task management apps ever built. The HD version is made specifically for the iPad with all of the features ported intact. It brings almost every feature that you’d need, from Gantt Charts to multiple export options and cloud support. It’s a full-fledged app and the $5.99 is a steal for the amount of features it has.

Whats the best construction project management app for ipad 2012

Cost: $5.99

#4. Mindjet Tasks

Mindjet Tasks is an exhaustive task app for project management on the iPad. It’s got more of a task-oriented approach so much so that even communication is aimed towards task-completion. Previously called the Cohuman Team Management, Mindjet puts a transparent, accessible and an easy-to-use app.

Cost: Free

xPlan wouldn’t be on our list because it’s one of those high-end project management apps that would normally cost $29.99. But it is certainly one of the coolest project management apps around.

xPlan is best suited for those who love to have fun managing projects. It’s not about serious pie charts and progress bars and stuff like that. This app is all about a really delicious interface that brings complete functionality and control over your teams and projects.

Cost: $39.99

#6. AceProject

AceProject is actually web-based project management software which has an iPad counterpart. So, if you have an account at AceProject, you can very well manage it through your iPad. The whole software is designed for a wide range of teams with different needs.

This app has a really cool interface and pretty neat functionality too. The good thing is you can have unlimited users (team members) even on the free version. The limits are on file-sizes.

Whats the best construction project management app for ipad 2012

Cost: Free

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