Whats mobile id

Mobile-ID is a service that allows a client to use a mobile phone as a form of secure electronic ID.

Like the ID Card, it can be used for accessing secure e-services and digitally signing documents, but has the advantage of not requiring a card reader.

The system is based on a specialized Mobile-ID SIM card which the customer must request from the mobile phone operator.

Whats mobile id

Private keys are stored on the mobile SIM card along with a small application for authentication and signing.

Here’s how Mobile-ID would be used for logging into a secure site, for instance a bank account:


  1. The user clicks the “Log in with mobile ID” option on a supported website
  2. The phone beeps and displays a screen indicating that a connection is being made.
  3. The user is prompted to enter a mobile ID pin code into the phone.
  4. The screen on the phone disappears and the website is automatically reloaded with a logged in screen.

As smart phone technology becomes more widespread, having the Mobile-ID option will become increasingly handy, allowing the user to vote, for instance, via a phone’s web browser.

To learn more about the Mobile-ID, visit Mobile-ID webpage .

For detailed technical information on Mobile-ID follow the link .

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