What the word telephone teddy bear with ring

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Sterling Silver Teddy Bear Spoon ring in an adjustable ring size!

Unique sterling silver spoon ring with teddy bear pattern depicts a teddy bear at the top perched upon a tree branch and a sign that would be perfect for engravings! Down the tree it says" Teddy Bear" followed by a little possum! We now believe from the photo that the little animal under the word teddy bear is a possum thanks to a great tip from our friend Sharlene! She told us this fascinating bit of information: Taft was the president who came into office after Theodore Roosevelt, they wanted to find a replacement for the "teddy bear". Taft ate a possum dinner and spoke to the press about it and they thought that the possum would be the next great thing to replace the teddy bear. As we know, that did not happen. Perfect for the collector of teddy bears! Super cute and adorable!


What the word telephone teddy bear with ring

Made of and stamped Sterling Silver, I put a brushed finish on these rings to even out the surface for a brilliant satin finish! Simply stunning with the patina we've added to help the design really pop! Other Free Finishing options available upon purchase.

This particular ring is a solid 925 sterling silver casting we made of a unique and stunning spoon pattern originally made around the turn of the century! We make our castings from recycling the bowls we cut from the antique sterling silver spoons we make into rings. It's a great way for us to up-cycle and keep the sterling spoon silver in top quality spoon ring form. We hope you enjoy this lovely pattern as much as we do!

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Dimensions: 15mm at widest point, tapers down to 5mm

SIZING: Choose Your Size! This ring is adjustable and can comfortably go up or down within the indicate sizes in the drop down. Since these rings are open ended, sizes are approximate, but very close to size listed or requested. There is one FREE re-sizing per ring for the life of the purchase! Or, if you message me, I can tell you how you can even adjust them a little in person for a perfect fit!

What the word telephone teddy bear with ring

Photoed Ring Size: US 7 (ADJUSTABLE)

*** Remember, the wider the band of a ring the tighter the fit. Going up a quarter to a half size for a very wide ring is recommended.***

Please allow up to 1-3 business days for your item to ship. Most will arrive within 5 business days (longer for shipping internationally). Rush delivery available upon request.

*Please message me if you have a specific Shipping Date request*

The RMB Telephone Directory

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Cheri Woods talked about Schwarzenegger exposing himself on death row, selling bags of Jim Morrison’s soil, today’s prostitution laws, and being in Jail with the Manson girls.

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