What smartphones work with verizon prepaid

Smartphones That Work With Verizon Prepaid

Android OS

Verizon's Android-based prepaid phones include the Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Continuum, Droid X, Motorola Citrus, LG Vortex and LG Ally. All of these phones come equipped with Wi-Fi, web-browsing technology and an in-phone camera. The Droid X, Samsung Continuum and Samsung Fascinate also allow voice dialing. For music fans, the Samsung Fascinate distinguishes itself as the only prepaid smartphone to offer V CAST music with Rhapsody.

What smartphones work with verizon prepaid

Blackberry OS


Verizon's Blackberry-based phones include the Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Storm2. These phones offer many communication options, including mobile instant messaging, text messaging and video messaging. All but the Blackberry Storm2 include a full QWERTY keyboard on the face. Although they do not have the web-browsing capability of other smartphones, they are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to send and receive emails anywhere in Verizon's Enhanced Service Area.

Smartphone Prepaid Plans

Smartphone prepaid plans allow you to choose 450, 900 or an unlimited number of monthly minutes. However, you cannot purchase a daily prepaid plan. All of Verizon's prepaid smartphones are offered in conjunction with every plan -- you do not need to purchase a more expensive plan to purchase a more expensive phone. Unlike feature phones, however, smartphones require the additional purchase of a data package for a flat monthly fee.

Phones not Currently Supported

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