What size picture for ipad mini wallpaper

iPad Wallpapers Size And Dimensions

For long, there have been strong confusions among the users of iPad about the wallpaper sizes and dimensions. With upgrading of different models and releases, the confusion kept growing. Besides the new release and upgrades, the iPad’s very distinct quality of switching between the orientations from horizontal to vertical and vice versa, the arguments over the right wallpaper size and its right dimension spread everywhere. Understanding the situation, ones desire to set his or her own photography work, as the wallpaper has occasionally become a challenging task. Let us help you out from this situation here in this article.


What size picture for ipad mini wallpaper

At first let, us how many sizes of iPad wallpapers are there. There are four sizes, which are:

- 2048 by 2048 Pixels

- 2048 by 1536 Pixels

- 1024 by 1024 Pixels

- 1024 by 768 Pixels

2048x2048 wallpaper size: The 2048x2048 is the highest size of iPad wallpapers. It is suitable for new iPad 3 and the retina iPad display. The problem is the screen size of the new iPad is 2048x1536. So when the iPad shifts between the vertical and horizontal orientations, the background image will fit the screen proportionately. This is the best size for wallpaper to go with your new iPad, retina one etc.

2048x1536 wallpaper size: The 2048x1536 is an available size for iPad wallpapers. Nevertheless, it may disappoint you when you will be shifting the orientation of your iPad from vertical to horizontal and vice versa. It will support iPad in only one orientation but not in interchangeable mode. This size is works with iPad 3 and iPad 4 retina.

1024x1024 wallpaper size: The 1024x1024 is another best size of iPad wallpapers that suits earlier versions of iPad. Even if you switch the iPad orientation, the background picture will remain intact. This size is recommended for older iPad versions. This size will suit new iPad mini and iPad 2.

1024x768 wallpaper size: Yet another iPad wallpaper size is 1024x768 which will again cause you trouble when you shift the orientation from landscape to portrait mode. Wallpapers available in this size can only support one view but not the both. This size can work on iPad 2 and iPad Mini.

What size picture for ipad mini wallpaper

The real problem is in understanding the iPad appearance. Every iPad has rectangular shaped screen, which means its one side is shorter than the other side. So whenever an iPad enthusiast creates a photo or takes a graphic image to use as his or her iPad wallpaper, he crops the image in a rectangular. Therefore, blank sides or black corners emerge in the iPad screen after changing or rotating the iPad once the image is set as wallpaper. All you need to do is get square shaped images. This will eliminate all your problems. With square shaped images, it is very much possible to get better pixels per inch. So you will not only have your wallpaper related problem resolved but also start to get better quality pictures as your wallpaper. iPad’s screen size has nothing do here. Only if you give it the right file in right size and dimension only then the iPad itself can workout a solution for its background image even when you rotate the iPad.

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