What saying iphone app level 2

5 iPhone Applications That Replace Your Tools

When the iPhone first made its way, mewling and puking, into this world, it was billed as a "revolutionary" convergence of phone, MP3 player and web device. Sure, we’d seen this before, but the idea of convergence is forever with us, squeezing more and more functions into smaller and smaller boxes. And with GPS, the iPhone can now potentially replace four gadgets in your man-bag or purse.

What saying iphone app level 2

We’re not happy, though. We want our iPhone to replace all of our gadgets, tools, implements and gear. That day isn’t yet here, but thanks to some plucky iPhone developers, there are actually quite a few applications that will get us a little closer.


Here’s a look at a few of the tools you might be able to replace with an iPhone.

We took a look at the first iteration of A-Level in July. The application uses the iPhone’s tilt-sensors to emulate a spirit level, complete with a virtual bobbing bubble in a tube. The latest version has a much-needed upgrade: calibration. Put it on a surface you know to be level and press a button: A-Level can then be used as a surprisingly accurate tool.

TapeMeasure ia another application with a straightforward name. Can you guess what it does? While it won’t replace a real tape measure for accurate, small-scale work, Limekiln Software’s application is good for longer measurements, from a few tens of feet to several miles.

It uses the iPhone 3G’s GPS to measure the distance between two objects. You can either leave it switched on for a live readout or, to save on battery drain, take the first reading, switch off and then reactivate later to take the second reading.

TapeMeasure will also work with the first generation iPhone and the iPod Touch, but as those devices rely on WiFi triangulation, it is considerably less accurate. From the blurb:

You probably won’t be able to measure anything like a couch with any degree of accuracy, unless you’ve got a great (and we mean GREAT) GPS signal, and your couch is 30 feet long.

Speed alert replaces your accurate in-car speedometer with a far less accurate, GPS-based speedometer. There is, though, one added bonus. You dial in the current speed limit and if you exceed it, an alarm will sound. It’s probably best not to rely on this too much, but if you have a heavy foot and are prone to fits of daydreaming, this could be for you.

Where TapeMeasure takes care of longer measurements, Caliper is intended for more accurate close-up work. It is simple, displaying the jaws of a set of, you guessed it, calipers on the screen. You move them using the familiar pinch and stretch gestures and read the distance from the scale. The only catch is that you are limited to the length of the iPhone’s screen.

This one is free. Hammer is an application which works without a download, and is available for both iPhones and the iPod Touch. The best feature, and one unique to the apps we have tested, is that it actually works with the power off. Simply locate the nail you want to hammer home and start hitting it with the end of the iPhone. A lack of weight makes this less effective than a real hammer, but this is offset by the convenience of always having it in your pocket.

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