What opens epub on android

The Best Ereader for Android

Reading ebooks on Android used to be just okay. Now it's awesome. While there are plenty of sweet apps for reading books on your phone or tablet, Play Books has vastly improved over the years to become our number one choice for its cloud sync, excellent research tools, and the ability to upload your own books.

What opens epub on android

Where It Falls Short

Dear Lifehacker, I've got a lot of ebooks in PDF and other formats, but some e-readers—like,… Read more Read more

The Competition

The primary competition comes in the form of our previous pick Aldiko. as well as Moon+. Aldiko has some great features for organizing and sorting your library. While you can search your collection in Play Books, Aldiko lets you tag certain books, or sort them into collections, so you can group them together in a way that makes sense. Because what's the fun of having a large collection of books if you can't organize them on a fancy shelf?


And, of course, there are the other bookstores including Amazon Kindle. Nook. and Kobo. In terms of reader features, Kindle stands out as one of the nicest and most feature-complete (though the Android version lacks many excellent features like X-Ray ). Library selection varies between companies, though manually adding books is a difficult, if not impossible process.


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