What my iq windows phone walkthrough

Complete unoffical cheats and walkthrough for "What's my IQ"

Lilya0304 said: 12-28-2012 10:03 PM

Complete unoffical cheats and walkthrough for "What's my IQ"

> Name of Application: Cheats & Tips for What's My !Q

> Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.


Must have app for every What's My IQ fan! With answers and walkthroughs for all over 100 levels, you need never to worry about struck at the game any more! IQ Cheats contains step-by-step walkthrough videos for every level. Every ten levels video walkthroughs are also available for you. With all the clear answers and guide, the game must be easier for you! And you can continue to challenge higher level of the game. Enjoy!!


What my iq windows phone walkthrough

◇◇◇◇◇Features ◇◇◇◇◇

◇ Answers and guides for each level

◇ Beautiful user interface

◇ Step-by-step videos for each level

◇ Beautiful list screen slideshows

◇ Zoom in and zoom out

◇ Outward show available with popular, recent, random options.

◇ Super fast-loading.

◇ Words can be amplified and narrow

◇ Easy to download and save it.

Hope you like this application. Have Fun.

Best Windows Phone Games to Train Your Brain

The premise of Catch by Loon Apps is simple. In each level there are various colored stars around in a grid like pattern. The goal is to connect the like colored stars, however you can’t cross different colored paths and there is usually only one or two correct configurations to win. Basically think Flow but with stars and with a few more challenges like tunnels and bridges. Catch has 160 total levels with the first 40 being free and there are different difficulty packs to buy as well.

Piggybacking right off of Catch on the list is the original line drawing game, Flow Free. Flow Free has tons more free levels than all its inspired offspring and that is why it is still very much relevant. In fact there are over 1,000 free levels. In addition to the free levels there are plenty of other difficulty packs and such you can buy for more Flow fun. Such packs include Classic, Bonus, Bridges, Mania, and Jumbo level packs. Flow Free also features a freeplay mode as well as a timed mode. Can’t miss out on this classic.

What my iq windows phone walkthrough

Another popular puzzle game makes the list; Dots. Dots is the quintessential minimalistic puzzle game and as such is in top 5 lists everywhere. The idea behind Dots is you are giving a huge grid full of different colored dots. You then make squares (or rings) out of like colored dots which get rid of all the dots within that area. Time is not on your side in Dots so you only have 60 seconds per game. However, that makes Dots super addicting as you just want to play one more game over and over again.

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