What is the best phone out for verizon right now

8 Best Phablets You Can Buy in 2016

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What’s the best phablet on the market in 2016? There are a lot of terrific models to choose from right now, all of which have their own key strengths. We've rounded-up the best phablets right now.

The last phablet added to this list was the Nexus 6P and we can't see it being beaten any time soon, but MWC 2016 could prove us wrong.

What is the best phone out for verizon right now

Held every year in February, it's the venue for many of the biggest phone launches of the year. For instance, we're certain to see the new Samsung Galaxy S7 this year, not to mention new phones from HTC and LG.


One phone we already know about, however, is the Huawei Mate 8. This is another big phone from Huawei and although it only has a 1080p screen, its huge 4,000mAh battery could result in outstanding battery life – one of the many reasons to consider a phablet.

All that said, if it's a phablet you really want then any of the ones on this list will make you very happy. And, if money is no object, the 6P won't be beaten any time soon.

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Best Phablets – Why should you buy one?

Why have phablets become so popular? Many think it’s because people don’t want to buy a phone and a tablet, but there are a number of other clear advantages to owning one.

Screen quality

It’s no secret that mobiles are growing larger by the year. Phablets, which are generally regarded as any smartphone measuring in at 5.5 inches and above, are huge right now. The fact that Apple, which was once so opposed to big-screen phones, has joined the phablet fanfare demonstrates just how in-demand they are.

The most obvious benefits of owning a phone so large come with the screen. Phablets are usually blessed with stunning displays that are great for watching movies, playing games and reading. They’re very popular amongst commuters for these very reasons.

While LG and Samsung were quick to embrace super-sharp QHD panels, Full HD on a large screen still provides a superb viewing experience.

Performance and battery life

What is the best phone out for verizon right now

Since phablets are also more likely to be used for gaming purposes than smaller smartphones, they tend to run on more powerful hardware. Almost all of the mobiles in this round-up can handle complex 3D titles without issue, making them ideal choices for intrepid gamers.

Big phones tend to come with enlarged batteries, and phablets are very well-endowed in this department. Forget about worrying whether your mobile will last the day; most phablets can go for around two days between charges, and some can last even longer.

Other things to consider

Design and ergonomics are always important areas to think about when buying a smartphone, but they’re particularly important with phablets due to their size.

Most manufacturers are putting every effort into making their large-screen smartphones as user-friendly as possible, whether that’s through a slim frame, a dedicated stylus, centrally-positioned soft keys or a one-handed operation mode. However, we’d still recommend trying one out in a shop first, especially if you have small hands. Make sure they can fit in your pockets too.

Extra features like fingerprint scanners, NFC and microSD card slots can also have a huge effect on the overall user experience.

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