What is the best mp3 download app for android 2012

Free MP3 Music Download on Android – Top Free Android Apps

Are you looking for the free MP3 Music download or free music downloading sites? Well, If you are using android smartphone, you would be able to download MP3 Musics for free. There are lots of smartphone apps available on Google Play Store that allow users to download mp3 songs for free. Since mobile network providers started high speed data plan, it’s now easier for anyone to watch live TV  from their android smartphones. Here are few best mp3 downloader android apps for you. Check out from the list and get you like. If you don’t know How to Get Free Music On Android, here is some of the best FREE apps, that will help you to download MP3 musics on your smartphones.


How to Get Free Music On Android

1.  Mp3 Music Download

Mp3 Music Downloader allow you download mp3 musics & songs online through the best music search engine.You would be able to Search and download mp3 music from public domain via public search engines. Just download the app, search the MP3 songs you like to download from search bar. It will display songs available from various site. Play it online and if you like, you can download the song directly from there.  It would not display any ads. just choose, download and play.

[Update. This app has been discontinued by Google play Store.]

2. Mp3 Music Download

Mp3 Music Download is free android app, allow you to download free MP3 songs online to any smartphone devices. You can search musics by artists, songs, albums, genre & Download classical music, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and more. This app allow you to save downloaded musics directly to your SD card.

[Update. This app has been discontinued by Google play Store.]

3. Music Download Paradise Mp3

Music Download Paradise Mp3 is free android app allow user to download free musics online.With this app you can search for copyleft and CC Licensed songs / mp3 files. Listen to your favorite Copyleft classical music and free ringtones. This app has been downloaded 343,698+ times from Google Play Store and has lots of positive feedbacks.

What is the best mp3 download app for android 2012

[Update. This app has been discontinued by Google play Store.]

4. Music Maniac – Mp3 Downloader

Music Maniac – Music Downloader Free is free android app lets users to download free mp3 music downloads  online. All Search results you search from the app would have full information about artists, albums and the Album-Art as well. You would be able to get all your downloaded music files from Music Maniac folder on SD-card or your external storage.It has been downloaded from Google Play Store for 375,253+ times.

[Update. This app has been discontinued by Google play Store.]

5. Easy Downloader

Easy Downloader android app is a professional, safe, stable & free mobile terminal android app for downloading anything from Internet. You can also download large files in different formats easily, but also help you organize all the files in order. It’s not only Free Music Downloader but you can download almost everything from internet with your smartphone. It supports almost all android browsers like  Stock browser, Dolphin browser. Sky fire, Boat Browser, Firefox, Google Chrome etc.

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