What is the best free ringtone app for android

Top 5 Free Music Ringtones Apps for Android Device

With more and more people using Android smart phone, a variety of applications are developed an released to offer Android users better experience. And as we all know, the android devices are famous for their wide collection app in every genre, be it music, games or even lifestyle. Among these genres, music has been around the top of apps chart. To make impressions on friends, many users choose different songs to be their ringtone when they make phone calls. Besides, they also create different message and alarm ringtones for fun. Certainly, there are many music ringtone apps which are handy when it comes to downloading music or editing it. You can choose some from the wide collection of music as the ringtone on the music library as well. Now we will introduce some of the best free ringtones assistants for Android. With them, you can customize your own personal and special ringtones apps on your Android cell phone. Read on and learn more about it.


What is the best free ringtone app for android

Top 5 Free Music Ringtones Downloads for Android

These 5 best free Android music ringtones apps will make your ringtones unique and different from others. Check it out.

1. Aru Ringtones

With Aru Ringtones, you can access more than 200,000 MP3 ringtones and the app is totally free. This Android ringtone app contains ringtones that were uploaded by registered users. You can search for your favorite songs, view the file information, and preview the song. Afterward, you can download the file to the app and set it as a ringtone, notification tone, or assign it to a contact.

2. Music Ringtone

Music Ringtone is one of several ringtone Android apps that search online for music files. This one specifically searches for MP3 files that are free and are in the public domain. The search function is easy to use, and the results are listed in an easy-to-browse format.

The RingTone app contains thousands of ringtones. You can browse through a list of hot ringtones or cool ringtones. You can also search for a specific ringtone using the search function and search by the title of the song or by the artist. And you can download the file and save it to your favorites list. Afterward set the song as a ringtone, notification tone, or assign it as a contact ringtone.

4. Zedge Ringtones

With Zedge Ringtones, you are able to find and set the right musical note for all types of notifications including alarms, messages, alerts, and ringtones. The Android ringtone app accesses the Zedge website which contains millions of ringtones. Browse the database of ringtones effortlessly through the straightforward interface and the app will save files to the download tab. You can set the ringtones directly from the app or through the phone's settings. It is also an app for wallpapers by the way.

5. Myxer Ringtone for Android

The Myxer ringtone for android is an all-around app. If you’re fond of different ringtones and change them all the time on your android cell phone, the Myxer ringtone is just the right match for you. It has thousands of famous ringtones in its database for free and you can create your own ringtone by using its free of cost tool as well. And, you can use this editing tool with the current song library on your Android phone as well.

Tip: More information about how to manage or transfer ringtones and songs on your Android cell phone to computer, you can click here .

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