What is company apps windows phone 8

What is a workplace account?

Companies, organizations, universities, and other employers can create a workplace account on your Windows Phone that provides apps and info that can make it easier for you to do your job. A workplace account can also make changes designed to help keep work-related info more secure.

What is company apps windows phone 8

Setting up a workplace account can install any of the following on your phone:

    New security policies New apps A new hub

Company policies

Most workplace accounts come with one or more policies—safeguards designed to help protect your phone and any job-related information on it. Policies can also add or remove capabilities that affect how your Windows Phone works. For example, your company may:

    Require a password of a certain length or complexity (this may require you to change your existing password). Disable your storage card, if you have one. Remotely reset your phone to its original fresh-from-the-box state. Disable built-in apps like Internet Explorer. Prevent specific apps installed on your phone from opening or running. Prevent your phone from downloading certain apps in the Windows Phone Store. Prevent you from removing your workplace account.



These are just some examples. For specific details about your employer's workplace account for Windows Phone, ask a support person at your organization or check its support website.

A workplace account doesn't directly affect the information Microsoft collects from a phone. To learn more, see the Windows Phone 8.1 Privacy Statement.

Apps and hubs

Companies can develop their own Windows Phone apps for employees, which you can only get by adding a workplace account on your phone. A company might create apps for, say, campus maps, paystubs, or medical plan info that are useful all year round. Other apps might be for one-off events like company parties or a charitable giving campaign.

If your company has apps available, you'll be given the option to download them as soon as you've finished adding the workplace account to your phone. If an app becomes available after you've already set up your account, your company can let you know how to get it.

What is company apps windows phone 8

Companies can also create a workplace hub that brings together all sorts of work-related info in one place—things like news, expenses, apps, or access to a company store.

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