What does the word edge mean on my blackberry

BB Curve. How To Get Edge In Uppercase Letters

Nov 19, 2011

In the top right hand corner of my Blackberry it says edge (lowercase) how do I get it to say EDGE (caps)? And do I need EDGE to be in caps to use BBM?

BB Bold 9000. Edge In Small Letters

BB Bold. EDGE In Small Letters Even Having Data Plan?

Galaxy S6 Edge. Samsung Keyboard Deleting Letters When Typing

What does the word edge mean on my blackberry

Galaxy S6 Edge. Having Letters Substituted For Random Words In Emails?

BB Bold. 9700 Service Status Is Edge In Small Letters

BB Pearl. Edge Showing In Small Letters - No Entries In Host Routing Table


BB Bold 9700. Composing Message Can Uppercase Default

BB Torch. Physical Keyboard Changing Lowercase To Uppercase?

BB Curve. How To Type Spanish Letters

BB Curve. Insertion Of Extra Letters?

BB Curve 83xx. Dialing Numbers With Letters

BB Curve. Blue Circle With The Letters 'NG' Inside It?

BB Curve 83xx. 8330 More Letters In Text Messages?

BB Curve. 8520 Keyboards Letters Are Frozen, Not The Numbers?

BB Curve 8520/8530. Does Sprint Network Have Limitations To Amount Of Letters In MMS?

BB Curve. 8520 Randomly Change Letters To Symbols In Typed BBM Message

BB Curve. Keyboard Has Suddenly Started To Malfunction, Some Letters Double Or Triple Up?

BB Curve. Typing Random Letters/Calling Random?

BB Curve. Icon "EDGE" Turns Itself To "edge"?

Galaxy S6 Edge. Glowing Edge While Screen Off?

May 25, 2015

I just wanted to ask if there is some app or something to make my edge glow while screen off.

BB Curve. Have EDGE, But Still No Data Connection

Aug 11, 2010

I have a blackberry Curve 8520, version of OS is v5.0.0.592 (Bundle 1096, Platform

The problem im facing with my phone currently is with data loss. the phone constantly shows EDGE but i still cant send/receieve emails, send/receieve Bbm and also cant load webpages.

BB Curve. Bbm Stuck - My Edge Only Disappeared

i activated my scheme of bbm! it was working properly then suddenly my edge only disappeared and now only gsm is shown! bbm is off

BB Curve 8520/8530. GPRS Instead Of EDGE?

What does the word edge mean on my blackberry

BB Curve. BB Not Working - EDGE Showing In Caps

BB Curve. Cannot Sync Outlook With 8320 Edge?

May 9, 2011

After two years of service, my 8320 suddenly is unable to sync the handheld with my Outlook. It starts off fine and after a few minutes, at the point where it is downloading the calendar from the handheld the program stops working. I have downloaded the 5.0 desktop which did not help.

BB Curve. Data Has Switched To GSM From EDGE Or GPRS?

Dec 22, 2011

My Curve 8520 (v5.0.0.681) on O2-UK has switched to GSM since last Friday (16th).Initially it happened to my girlfriend's Curve 8520, then mine and now it has happened to her sisters Curve 9300.

It has not happened to my girlfriend's parents Curve 9300. I also work 50 miles from home and it's not working so it's not a single tower issue. I have tried pulling the battery, reinstalling the software and a security wipe.

I contacted my carrier (O2-UK) who state that it's not a problem with their network and that they have had a lot of reports of the same issue in this past week, they're saying it's a Blackberry issue.

BB Curve. EDGE Connectivity Not Constant On 9300

I am using Airtel Blackberry Internet Services on 9300, After activating the services I got the EDGE icon in Caps and the internet works but only for a minute after that no pages are loading. Even apps don't work it takes forever to load and I get no internet connectivity but I still have the EDGE icon in caps and the network usage arrows working.

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