What can i do about my cracked ipad screen

Assuming we're talking about a serviceable iPad (not obsolete) it is relatively dependent on whether you have AppleCare Plus coverage.

AppleCare Plus offers up to two accidental damage incidents for the iPad at $49 apiece (US pricing) This includes cracked screen repair.

Outside of AppleCare coverage, because this is classified as accidental damage, the pricing goes up. Your iPad screen can be replaced for a price dependent on its model. In the US, iPad 2 screen repair is priced at 249 USD - https://apple/sup port/ip.

What can i do about my cracked ipad screen

This excludes tax.

Prices will vary by country, so look to your regional Apple Store website if you're in a different country.

In the US, you can set these types of repairs up with AppleCare over the phone. I can't speak with the same level of expertise for other regions, but similar options are open to at least some. How you go about getting service will depend on your region of purchase - for example, if you purchased in the U.S. but you're currently overseas in a region without Apple stores or authorized service centers, you will need to send it back to the U.S. For service. If you can't do it but are currently covered by AppleCare, I'd strongly recommend calling up to set up a case so we have a record on file and can justify helping you later if you anticipate you can't get back for service until after the agreement is up.

Repairs in the Apple Store are often done same-day. Repairs set up over the phone are typically mail-in and will require some time - 2-5 days to reach the depot depending on available options and how it's set up, then a few more turnaround for the repair and return. There is an express replacement available too which sends you out a new iPad first then you send the old one in - may be doable depending on current coverage.

If you are outside of your support coverage, you may also consider third party repair. I don't have the best resources on it, but it is definitely out there.

You may also find it effective to replace your iPad with a different model. You can choose a new one or there is a refurbished store section on the Apple website: store.apple/us /browse.

What can i do about my cracked ipad screen

Be sure to have a backup if you can or if you need one before bringing it in for repair. Also be sure to turn off Find My iPad if applicable.

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