What app can download video from facebook

The Power Of Sharing And Downloading Facebook Videos

All it takes is just one click to share a video you created with the world. This is either a thrilling or a terrifying concept; it depends entirely on the nature of the video and the kindness or otherwise of your friends.

Second only to sharing videos on YouTube, never has online video had more power than it has on Facebook. Why? Hitting the “share” button is so darn easy and often it’s too late to take the video down without anyone having a chance to see it.


What app can download video from facebook


Sharing video on Facebook has exponential power, but that’s no reason to be terrified you can use this weapon to achieve a lot of good. There are several ways that you can share a video with friends on Facebook.

  1. The simplest way to share videos if you have a good Internet connection is to send it straight from your video camera (if it’s your mobile device) to your Facebook page. Give it a good title, tag your friends who would like the video, hit update, and that’s it. You are done.
  2. If you don’t upload Facebook videos directly from a mobile device, you can transfer the video to a desktop computer from your video camera and then upload it to Facebook. If you’re feeling artistic and want to edit the video first, you can upload videos to Facebook straight from the editing software package on your PC. The specifications for the format types, the aspect ratio, and the file size can be found here. A word of warning: Facebook videos must be less than 1024MBs in file size and under 20 minutes in length. Just make sure the video fits those specifications and uploading videos is a breeze.
  3. For larger videos, you can upload them to a compatible video sharing website and embed the video into your Facebook page as a status update. This works just fine, no problem at all.
  4. If you have a Facebook Page for business or dedicated to your career then it’s possible to embed your whole YouTube Channel onto a tab on your Facebook Page. This looks fabulous and is a great way to showcase your video talents. You can use a free app from Involver to do this.
  5. Of course, the last way to share a video on Facebook that you haven’t created is to simply hit the share button on one of the videos of a friend and now all your other friends can see it, too.
What app can download video from facebook

Save Facebook Videos With Just One Click

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