Iphone 4 reset network settings what does it do

How to Reset Your iPhone or iPad to Factory Settings – Quick Tip

New users of iPhone and iPad want to know how you reset your iOS device to factory settings – much like in Android. iOS does allow you to restore to factory settings and in fact, offers more reset features than a simple, blanket reset.

In this short beginner tutorial, let’s take a look at all the reset options you find in iOS 7 (and pretty much other versions too) and what each option does.

Iphone 4 reset network settings what does it do

In order to reset your device’s settings (whether it’s a partial reset or a whole reset to factory defaults), you have to head over to General settings.


Go to Settings → General → Reset .

You’ll find these options:

  • Reset All Settings
  • Erase All Content & Settings
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Reset Keyboard Dictionary
  • Reset Home Screen Layout
  • Reset Location & Privacy

Reset All Settings. This is the reset you are looking for when you want to reset to factory settings without losing data. This reset does not erase anything but it completely wipes out all changes in the settings, stored passwords for Wi-fi, manually-configured network configurations and such.

Erase All Content & Settings : If a complete reset is your evening plan, erasing all content and settings is the option you’re looking for. One tap and all apps, app data, photos and everything goes down the drain. You can, of course, restore them back with a backup or from iCloud. This option makes your iDevice the “new” one. Incidentally, this is the option you should invoke when you are selling off your iDevice.

Reset Network Settings. As the name suggests, this resets only the network settings. At the back, it is expected that resetting network settings will also flush caches and any leftovers of network data. When your Wi-fi is not working as intended, it is best to use this reset.

Reset Keyboard Dictionary. iOS’s dictionary learns words as you type. Of course, it botches up trying to correct a lot of what you type (which can be turned off). When you turn off this option, the dictionary rapidly fills up with words you type and suggestions are offered. You can clear this list with the keyboard dictionary reset.

Reset Home Screen Layout : Trying to figure out where that app is (amidst a plethora of all apps you have)? May be you should let your iOS device reset the home screen layout so you can get to the app faster. Also, this resets the dock icons to the default ones.

Reset Location & Privacy. If you have changed privacy settings earlier, or if you have tweaked the Location Services values, you can reset them back to the factory setting here. This helps in recalibration of weather, traffic information and of course making sure that privacy changes are also back to factory settings.

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