Ipad erase all content and settings what does it do

How to Reset iPad Settings

Life may not have a reset feature, but iPads do. If, for some reason, you want to return your iPad to its default settings, you can reset them. The last item under iPad's General settings is Reset. When you click it, you get options for resetting the following:

Reset All Settings: Every one of the preferences and settings are reset, though information you've added to apps like Calendar and Contacts doesn't change at all.

Ipad erase all content and settings what does it do

Erase All Content and Settings: This one both resets your settings and erases information you've added to apps like Calendar and Contacts. This is useful if you plan to sell your iPad.


Reset Network Settings: By choosing this, any networks you've set up are removed. iPad will also turn off Wi-Fi, and then turn it on again, which disconnects you from any network you're connected to. Note that the Ask to Join Networks setting stays on.

Reset Keyboard Dictionary: When you turn down iPad suggestions of words as you type, you can add words to the keyboard dictionary. You do this by tapping a suggested word, which rejects it but adds the current spelling of the word to the dictionary. If you don't want to keep all those added words, use this reset option.

Reset Home Screen Layout: If you want to get back to the original home screen you saw when you took iPad out of its box, choose this reset option.

Reset Location Warnings: When you use an app like Maps that checks your location, it asks you if it's okay to do that. When you tap OK to let it proceed two times, it stops asking. If you want it to start asking again, tap this reset option.

Troubleshoot Your iPad: Reset Settings and Content

Resetting your iPad involves two methods: resetting iPad settings and erasing all content and settings. The first approach, resetting your iPad settings, resets every iPad setting to its default — the way it was when you took it out of the box. Resetting the iPad’s settings doesn’t erase any of your data or media.

The only downside is that you may have to go back and change some settings afterward — so you can try this step without trepidation. To reset your settings, tap the Settings icon on your Home screen and then tap General→Reset→Reset All Settings.

Ipad erase all content and settings what does it do

Be careful not to tap Erase All Content and Settings, at least not yet. Erasing all content takes more time to recover from (because your next sync takes a long time), so try Reset All Settings first. If this solves your iPad's problems, great, you don't need to take more drastic measures.

Now, if resetting all settings didn’t cure your iPad, you have to try Erase All Content and Settings. You find it in the same place as Reset All Settings. (Tap Settings→General→Reset→Erase All Content and Settings.)

The Erase All Content strategy deletes everything from your iPad — all your data, media, and settings. Because all these items are stored on your computer — at least in theory — you should be able to put things back the way they were during your next sync.

But you lose any photos you’ve taken (iPad 2 and third-generation) or screen shots, as well as e-mail, apps purchased on your iPad, contacts, calendar events, playlists, and anything else you’ve created or modified on the iPad since your last sync.

After using Erase All Content and Settings, check to see whether your iPad works properly. If it doesn’t cure what ails your iPad, restoring your iPad using iTunes, can help.

The seven steps for troubleshooting your iPad are Recharge, Restart, Reset your iPad, Remove your content, Reset settings and content, Restore, and Recovery mode.

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