Ios 5.1.1 whats new

  • Analytics: Added support for fetching GoogleAdsId via new API RequestAdvertisingIdentifierAsync.
  • tvOS: Added Apple TV support. Look for tvOS build target to try it. Enjoy!
  • VR: Added support for VR Application Focus. All VR Players are now forced to Run in the background.


  • Graphics: Optimized performance of setting up shader blend/depth/raster/stencil states. This is mostly visible when using deferred rendering.
  • Graphics: Added client/worker multithreaded rendering support to OS X Metal.
  • IL2CPP: Added support for the MethodImplOptions.NoInlining option to prevent methods in the generated C++ code from being inlined.
  • iOS: Use new Game Center APIs when possible.
  • JsonUtility: Serialize Color32 fields as separate RGBA values instead of a binary blob.
  • Networking: Added a warning for NetworkIdentity on child game objects.
  • Networking: Added dontListen flag to NetworkServer. This is useful when running in single-player or offline mode, but as a Network Host. RuntimeInitializeOnLoad now fires more consistently when entering playmode in the Editor and playing at Runtime.
  • SceneManagement: Added SceneManager.UnloadScene(Scene) making it easier to unload a scene if you already have a reference to it.
  • Substance: Substance textures cached to disk/flash are now LZ4-compressed, old caches are discarded.
  • Substance: SubstanceImporter.ExportBitmaps is now public.
  • Substance: ExportPreset was added to the ProceduralMaterialInspector's context menu.
  • Substance: When importing a SBSAR file, the metallic workflow is now picked up by default if the material has the right outputs, even if it also has the right outputs for the specular workflow. Previously, if the material had the right outputs for the metallic and the specular workflows, then the specular workflow would be selected.
  • VR: Optimized Oculus to start CPU work for next frame while Rendering the current frame.


  • Samsung TV: Added Ignore BG Alpha Clear checkbox to Resolution section of Samsung TV player settings. This will disable the clearing of the alpha value for the background fill allowing for blending between Unity's render layer and the layer behind.
  • Ios 5.1.1 whats new

Relevant fixes from Unity 5.2.4 are also included into 5.3.1.

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Apple iOS 5.1.1 (for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

No Mac or PC required for set up. Excellent notifications and alerts system. iCloud backup and recovery. Twitter integration. Users can now delete Photos from Photo Stream. Bug and security hole fixes.

Need to connect to a computer via USB to set up iTunes Wi-Fi Sync. AirPlay mirroring limited to iPad 2, third-generation iPad, and iPhone 4S. Using Mail and Notes with iCloud requires creating an @me account. Siri voice control only available on iPhone 4S.

Apple iOS 5.1.1 is far from a huge update, but it fixes bugs and security holes in Cupertino's mobile operating system.

iOS 5 was a significant upgrade to Apple's mobile operating system that added numerous long sought-after features such as computer-free setup, wireless syncing, and a fresh take on notifications. iOS 5.1.1 isn't as game changing as that update; in fact, 5.1.1. brings exactly five changes, all of which are under the hood bug and security fixes. It's not a sexy update, but a welcome one that you should download immediately. Note: iOS 5.1.1 is compatible with the iPhone 3GS . iPhone 4 . iPod touch 3rd Generation . iPod touch 4th Generation . iPad . iPad 2 . and "new iPad" (aka iPad 3).

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