Htc mobile price in pakistan 2013 whatmobile

Htc Mobiles

Ranking 98th on the Best Global Brands 2011, HTC mobiles brand enjoys the title of world’s first manufacturer to introduce wireless and touch screen technology in the hand-held devices. As disclosed by a recent media report, the HTC Corporation has 3 percent share of the global Smartphone market. This Taiwanese firm is also a founding member of the OHA (Open Handset Alliance) which is a group of mobile network operators and handset manufacturers. In this way, HTC has made significant contribution towards the development of the Android mobile device platform.


Htc mobile price in pakistan 2013 whatmobile

Many “firsts” are attached to the name of this corporation. The first Microsoft 3G phone and the first Microsoft-powered Smartphone were successfully launched by HTC in 2002 and 2005, respectively. Originally aimed at producing notebook computers, after the lapse of just one year, the company stepped into the newly emerging field of Smartphone devices and has earned a great name and fame in the area. It has produced the great technological marvels of postmodern era that are based on Windows Mobile, Android and Windows Phone operating system. A strong piece of attraction for the potential buyers is the low and affordable HTC Mobiles price in Pakistan as compared to that of Apple and other extravagantly priced handset brands.

HTC One X Plus Price

Rs. 59,000

HTC Mobile Prices in Pakistan

HTC is known as one of the best smart phone makers in the world. These are android based phones with lots of features and fun packed in the package. You can enjoy tens of thousands of apps available on the internet and as android apps have become an open source you will find much more stuff here than you could have at iTunes or Nokia apps store.

One drawback HTC has while you purchase it here in Pakistan is that it does not come under warranty. You can buy it new but you will not find it covered under any kind of warranty. Besides HTC smart phones are terrific with great sensitivity of the touchscreen and other fun oriented features yet affordable.

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