Download whatsup for htc windows phone

WhatsApp HTC

At present, WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant free of cost messaging application which is available for use on iPhone, Android phones and all the other smart phones which are available in the market. However some segment of the users is there who like using WhatsApp on their desktop and laptops too. But irrespective of the mode of use, everyone uses WhatsApp.

Download whatsup for htc windows phone

WhatsApp for desktop

WhatsApp can be used in the desktop with the help of various apps which are available in the markets. One of the most popular apps which are being used is the Blue Stack App. The Blue Stack App is designed for enabling any of the Android apps for running and for logging into WhatsApp on desktops and also Windows tablets. Thus, you just need to go to their websites at the Bluestack and also download the application on your desktop.


The installation of WhatsApp messenger

After WhatsApp Messenger has been installed, you would be requested to give your country as well as phone no. for completing your log in details. You will have to enter all your details and then confirm your registration. A new Window will pop up which will send a text to your no. You will be receiving a 6 digit CODE to verify your number. You need to keep this in mind that WhatsApp will only allow one single phone no. per device. Thus, in case you are already using a WhatsApp account on your phone, you will have to get another mobile phone or a landline no. for your desktop. The BLUESTACK is an application which acts as an ANDROID Emulator. Thus, any of the applications which you can utilize on the Android phones can also be used on your desktops.

The HTC Corporation

Formerly known as High Tech Computer Corporations, HTC is a Taiwanese Manufacturer of the smart phones as well as tablets which is headquartered in the city of New Taipei in Taiwan. It was founded in the year 1997 and it began as an original designing manufacturer as well as original equipment manufacturer. Design and manufacturing equipments like mobiles. touch screen mobile phones and the PDAs which are based on Windows Mobiles operating system and BREW MP to the market to the mobile network operators who would be willing to offer a contract manufacturer for the customized equipments.

Download whatsup for htc windows phone

WhatsApp HTC

WhatsApp is a wonderful app and it’s being downloaded by more and more people every day. But Whatsapp is not compatible on all the smart phones which are available in the market, Even if it is available in the smart phones, it is not offered free of cost to the users. Whatsapp HTC has been introduced to offer WhatsApp to the users free of cost, not just this, the speed and memory storage capacity on the smart phones offered by HTC is much better than all the other smart phones available in the market. WhatsApp HTC is an easy to use app. You can download WhatsApp HTC easily on any of your HTC smart phones.

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