Bmw bluetooth compatible phones what works forums

BMW Bluetooth Compatible phones; What WORKS?

rduncan said: 11-13-2004 01:22 AM

BMW Bluetooth Compatible phones; What WORKS?

Find a Compatible Handset - Not all Bluetooth phones will work!

Unfortunately, not all Bluetooth compatible phones will work (partially or fully) with BMW's Bluetooth systems. As such, “Bluetooth” is an ambiguous term and insufficient to ensure compatibility. That is unfortunate, since "Bluetooth" is all that is typically included in the phone's description.

Bmw bluetooth compatible phones what works forums

My experience is a good example: my do-everything SonyEricsson P900 does not work with my Bluetooth-capable car (the SonyEricsson P900 lacks a "handsfree profile" required to work with the BMW implementation of integration of cell phone and car).Successful 6 Series Bluetoth retrofit, but phone incompatible


Even if you have a "BT-compatible" phone with the BT "handsfree profile," there are other features that may or may not work properly. For example, the phone should automatically share its phone book with the car to enable a set of nice features: based on your phone's address book: Calling Name display and

BMW Customer Assistance has a short list of compatible phones (SE T68i, SE T610, SE T630, Motorola V600). A more extensive compatibility list is here:

What phones work for you? Please share what works for you so that we can all share in your experience and knowledge.

Please post your experience:

Phone model:

Car model:

[ ] ability to make/receive calls

[ ] phone book automatically synches to car

[ ] dial by name (without verbal training of system)

BMW Bluetooth Audio Success!

Hot diggety Droid! They said it could not be done! After initial failure and frustration, and after Googling numerous sob stories from other disappointed new BMW owners, I have finally figured out the secret to getting AD2P Bluetooth Music to work with my 2011 BMW 328i and my lowly OG Droid! Well maybe "figured out" is too strong a term. It was more like dumb luck. It's a little tricky but it does work reliably.

Here's the issue: Numerous new BMW/Android owners have seen their phones appear to be successfully paired with their BMW's. Contacts sync, phone calls work, even messaging works. But although the phone and the car indicate that music/audio is also paired and songs appear to be playing on the phone, no music can be heard through the car speakers, just silence. BMW offers no sympathy, they don't plan to fully support Android OS until their 2013 models!

Bmw bluetooth compatible phones what works forums

Here's the solution: Pair up your phone. Once the phone and the car show a successful pairing (but music still isn't audible) REBOOT your phone (with the car still turned on). It's that simple. Wait a minute or two and you'll see the BMW's musical notes Bluetooth Audio indicator turn white again but this time the music will be audible. Yes its a PITA and a waste of time, but its worth it.

After the reboot, if this trick works (and it hasn't failed me yet), not only can you Bluetooth stream music from your phone to your late model BMW, but with the appropriate app, like AudioGalaxy, you can simultaneously stream from your home computer > into the cloud > into the OG Droid in your pocket > into your car speakers.

And if that doesn't put a smile on the face of an OG Droid owner, you shouldn't be driving a Bimmer!

By the way, I am running Cyanogenmod Nightly Build 253. I have no idea if this works with any other ROM.

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