Blackberry signs and what they mean

Screen symbols

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Screen symbols

Cross-hair symbol

If it's just a cross-hair, that is indication that 911 GPS tracking is available. Unless you turn your wireless radio off, you'll pretty much always see that cross-hair on your home screen, which is hopefully comforting news to you.

Blackberry signs and what they mean

If it's a crosshair with waves, then it indicates that you have the Location feature enabled on your GPS device. Some applications like Google Maps can take advantage of this data to determine your location and customize your searches accordingly.


I have the 8830, on which Verizon has disabled practical use of the location feature by any 3rd party apps, but I can still enable the GPS Location setting in the system menu to make the waves appear next to the cross-hair. Maybe someday that'll actually mean I can take advantage of the feature. for now seeing those cross-hair waves just makes me grumpy with Verizon.

I hope that helps clarify,

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