Blackberry resend service books what does it do

What Does The 'Resend Service Books' Button Do?

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What is a service book?

A service book contains information that configures how your BlackBerry smartphone interacts with the BlackBerry® Infrastructure. It also turns on specific services for your BlackBerry smartphone. The selection of service books on your BlackBerry smartphone depends upon the features provided by your wireless service provider and the IT policies set up by your organization.


Blackberry resend service books what does it do

Provisioning [Provisioning]

Contains information that is used to turn on or off the Enterprise Activation icon for BlackBerry Device Software 4.0 and later.

You may refer to the BlackBerry article What is a service book? for information about other service books.

Why resend service books?

You may want to resend service books to troubleshoot various issues with BlackBerry wireless synchronization:

  • Problems sending or receiving messages from the BlackBerry smartphone
  • Calendar synchronization issues
  • Address Book synchronization issues
  • Global Address List (GAL) lookup issues

How to resend service books

When resending service books, it is very important that you first delete all the DESKTOP service books before resending. Make sure that only the Service Books with the prefix of DESKTOP are removed. Depending on the version of BlackBerry Software installed on your device use one of the following instructions to delete a Service Book:

  1. Navigate to Options > Advanced Options > Service Book
  2. Highlight a Service Book
  3. Press the Menu button
  4. Choose Delete
  1. Navigate to Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > Service Book
  2. Highlight a Service Book
  3. Press the Menu button
  4. Choose Delete

Once deleted, you can resend them through HostPilot® Control Panel using the following instructions.

  1. Log in to HostPilot.
  2. Navigate to Users & Services > BlackBerry.
  3. Click the name of the user you want to resend service books for.
  4. Click the Resend Service Books button and follow the prompts.
  5. Blackberry resend service books what does it do

Once applied successfully, a soft reset (pulling the battery) can be done. When it comes back up, it will resync the database on the device to the server. This can take as long as an activation. You can view the status by looking at Options > Advanced Options > Enterprise Activation .

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