Blackberry overheating what to do

BlackBerry Bold Also Has Overheating Issues

The handset seems to have the problem in Japan only

It seems that AT&T's Quickfire is not the only handset to feature overheating problems. According to the latest news on the Web, another QWERTY device comes with the issue, namely the high-end BlackBerry Bold mobile phone made by Research in Motion.

Blackberry overheating what to do

The new BlackBerry Bold, which has been previously reported to go on sale in Japan with NTT DoCoMo, the largest mobile phone carrier in the country, is reported to come with an overheating problem at times when the handset's battery is being recharged. The operator is reported to have halted the sales of the device, yet, up until now, it seems that 4,000 customers have already bought the phone.


DoCoMo said that it had received about 30 complaints regarding the fact that Research In Motion's BlackBerry Bold's keyboard area heated up at a higher level than the one it was supposed to. For the time being, it seems that no user was injured while operating the device, while reports of the phone bursting into flames haven't been received either. The carrier also announced that the sales were stopped until the problem with the device would be solved.

According to RIM . the devices sold in other markets do not come with the same problem: “This issue appears to be specifically limited to the BlackBerry Bold devices sold in Japan since last week and sales of BlackBerry Bold devices in other countries are unaffected by this matter.”

The Canadian manufacturer says that currently the problem is under investigation. According to the company, the battery of the device doesn't seem to cause the overheating, and now the root cause is still looked into.

The BlackBerry Bold went on sale in Japan last week, and the country's carrier DoCoMo is expecting sales to be renewed soon. Hopefully, the manufacturer will be able to resolve the issue in the shortest time possible, and no other similar reports surface, either in Japan or in other countries where the handset is available.

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