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What’s The Saying Answers and Cheats Level 41 – 60

What’s The Saying Answers and Cheats Level 41 – 60 for Saying fans.What’s The Saying is a guessing images game made by Cheat Master And Friends Words Cheats LLC. Can you guess all the level?

We get Whats the Saying Answers For Level 41 – Level 60:

Android whats the saying level 42

What’s The Saying Level 41: I AM BIGGER THAN YOU / Hint: I’m u

What’s The Saying Level 42: SUNRISE / Hint: NUS or SUN

What’s The Saying Level 43: MIDDLE AGES / Hint:3 Ages,right arrow


What’s The Saying Level 44: ORDER IN THE COURT / Hint:Order,basketball court

What’s The Saying Level 45: THE WORLD IN MY HANDS / Hint:Hand holding ball or globe

What’s The Saying Level 46: SINGING IN THE RAIN / Hint: Rain,thunder,emoticon,music note

What’s The Saying Level 47: REPEAT AFTER ME / Hint: 3 After Me

What’s The Saying Level 48: SETTLE FOR LESS / Hint: 50% Discount,Settle,Save $$$

What’s The Saying Level 49: SLEEPING ON THE JOB / Hint: Cat sleeping,Job

What’s The Saying Level 50: BAD INTENTIONS / Hint: ten bad tins

What’s The Saying Level 51: TOOTHPICK / Hint:Cheek,tooth,eye

What’s The Saying Level 52: ONCE IN A WHILE / Hint:Whi111le

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