Android what the word walkthrough

Practical example

So now have a look on a guessing example (see screenshot below). On screen, you see the following 4 hint images:

          • detail view of a calendar with coloured pins marking specific dates
          • a young man in blue shirt dreaming of his loved woman
          • a cluster of dried dates
          • a young happy woman drinking wine with a man
        Android what the word walkthrough

Now if you think of what those images have in common, then the word DATE becomes a good candidate – there are dates marked in the calendar, the young man dreams of the girl he likes to date, dried dates and couples on a date.


You check the length – “date” is four letters, exactly as the number of letter spots in the answer area. And if you look at the letters in the bottom, then you see a “D”, “A”, “T” and “E” waiting there. Looks good, so you tap d, a, t and e in this order and here you go – just solved your first puzzle!

“DAVE? DATA?…….Oh wait, I got it, DATE. ”

Getting help

As the puzzles are served in a progression, it can become quite frustrating if you get stuck on a puzzle, desperately trying to get past. But don’t panic, there are several ways how you can get assistance, both free and paid if you need it just now.

Your first option is to use coins you’ve earned already to reveal a letter from the answer or remove a letter from the letters in the bottom. Both ways, you will limit the possible answers which should get you on the right track. The cost for each power up is 90 coins.

If you are just starting out or got stuck in a streak of hard puzzles and ran out of coins, you can by more coins for real money.

Your next option is to use the Facebook button to post a help request to your timeline and let your friends give you a hand.

But you can use other means of communications to get help as well, such as share a screenshot with your friends over MMS, email or various social networks and ask them for help.

If you are looking for the easy and fast path, then go check out our Answer guides to find your way:

4 pics 1 word LEVEL GUIDES :


That’s all there is to it, the game is just a simple puzzle game, with no means of failing or to start over. There is no penalty even if you answer incorrectly numerous times.

Android what the word walkthrough

I wish that 4 Pics 1 Word would offer a difficultly mode (Easy, Normal, Hard) and/or some sort of competitive element to it to make it even more engaging and challenging.

On the bright side, this game is a great ‘time-waster’. You can just play a few puzzles to kill time if you are riding the subway, bored at school, sitting at the doctors office, or waiting for the bus.

You can download 4 Pics 1 Word at the Google Play and iTunes Store for free. Have fun and Happy Gaming Gamers!


Another World Review ★★★★★

No save-anywhere and completely trial-and-error gameplay are usually the kiss-of-death for my game rankings, but in the case of Eric Chahi's 1991 classic, Another World, I'll gladly grant a pass.

Titled Out of this World in the US to avoid confusion with the soap Another World, (itself dubbed "Another Hour" by one of my college roommates) the game was truly other-worldly to my Amiga-bound self, repeatedly viewing the stunning opening cutscene in my darkened room. Most games at the time used stiff-as-a-board bitmap graphics, but Another World employed vector polygons to tell the tale in silky smooth, minimalist animation. I was captivated, and when I learned that Chahi had re-released a refreshed version on April 14, 2006, I had to drop everything and re-enter Another World.

Younger gamers are likely to discover that this title birthed many game design elements mistakenly attributed to much more contemporary titles. The water puzzle in particular comes to my mind as having been repeated in modern first-person shooters.

The title is short by today's standards -- refreshingly so in my opinion. This walkthrough was completed in a weekend, whereas the typical walkthrough takes me several months to complete. Despite its brevity, this title is hard. Often crazy hard. But if you're able to get past the sometimes frustrating number of repeated deaths, you'll find a very memorable game and an important piece of gaming history. The elegant style and clever level design have allowed Another World to stay with me for fifteen years. I hope you are as glad as I am to play this classic all over again.

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