A telephone conversation is an example of what transmission

Modes of Data Transmission

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Talking about data transmission can get confusing sometimes, we talk of types, modes, ways, these terms maybe synonymous to each other however they do have very distinct differences and cover different aspects of data transfer, I recently covered ‘types’ of data transmission in a network, which consists of how they maybe transferred, serially or in parallel, modes are pretty much ‘rules’ of the versatility of how data can be transmitted.


A telephone conversation is an example of what transmission

Data can be transferred in 3 different modes, these 3 modes are equally popular and used in common everyday situations.

If data can only be transferred in a single direction (one way) it is known as simplex. Television transmission is an example of Simplex transmission, here data can be transferred only to a television but no data can be transferred in the opposite direction.

When data maybe transferred in two directions simultaneously it is known as Duplex, a simple telephone conversation would be an example, while we usually don’t talk simultaneously a telephone provides that ‘duplex’ functionality.

In this mode of transmission as well, data maybe transmitted in both directions, however it cannot be done simultaneously. A Walkie Talkie would be an example of this mode of transmission.

The different modes are implemented based on their requirements, for example in Simplex transmission, two way transmission is not required in television transmission thus Simplex is used.

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