1xev blackberry what does it mean

Best answer: Basically you're asking how to become a legend. Well in order to do that, you will need to truly be unique and crazy talented. If you are a musician, you will have to be a musical genius (something most of the people you mentioned had in common). If you wanted someone to sound like Michael Jackson, the only person you could listen to was Michael Jackson himself, because he had something to offer that no one else could. Not only was he a musician, he was also a dancer and I'm pretty sure girls liked the way he looked as well.


It also helps to have an attractive personality (i.e comedy, morals, etc.)

To sum it up

1.Lots of talent


3.Originality <-----BIG ONE (Try to do something no one has seen before. If other people want to imitate you, consider it a success)

4. It helps to know the right people but if you can get your foot in the door on your own then you should be fine

5.Give people something to talk about (whether its your looks, something you did, whatever it is it has to be newsworthy)

6. It helps to have a nice personality so people will want to work with you

*As for Adele, she just has the perfect timing. While there are a bunch of garbage artists doing everything for money nowadays, she is one of the few artists that actually sings from the heart, and that's why a lot of people like her because people can relate to her music and feel her emotions

I’m not receiving email on my BlackBerry smartphone

If someone tells you they sent you an email that you haven’t received, try sending an email to your own email address. If you receive your own email the issue may be with the other person’s email account. If you don’t receive it, try the following to troubleshoot the problem.

If you’re not receiving email from your Hotmail, MSN, Sympatico or Bell Internet accounts, but are receiving email from other accounts, it’s likely that you need to re-validate your Hotmail, MSN, Sympatico or Bell Internet accounts. For security reasons, these accounts need to be re-validated every 90 days.

  1. Confirm that your smartphone is turned on and the wireless network is enabled.
    1. From the home screen, select Manage Connections
    2. Select Mobile Network and click to enable the wireless network
  2. Ensure that the network signal strength is sufficient.

    In the upper right-hand corner of your BlackBerry home screen you’ll see a number of coverage bars indicating signal strength. If you don’t see any coverage bars or if there is an out of service (SOS) icon, then you do not have adequate wireless coverage.

    Here are a couple of ways to check the network signal strength.

    1. From the Home screen, click the Options icon
    2. In the Options screen, click Status
    3. In the Status screen, check the Signal field. The signal strength must be within the -40 to -100 Dbms range to give you adequate wireless coverage.
    You can also check your wireless signal strength using a keyboard shortcut (on BlackBerry smartphones with full QWERTY keyboards).
    1. While holding down your BlackBerry's ALT key, type the letters N, M, L, L
    2. Your home screen will show your wireless signal strength, measured in Dbms.
    If you don’t have adequate signal strength, move to another part of the building or outside.
  3. Ensure you have coverage by viewing our coverage maps .
  4. Confirm data connectivity by following these steps: Confirm that an uppercase 1X or 1XEV appears in the top right corner of the screen, just under the signal strength. If the icons are uppercase, proceed to the next step. If the icons are lower case (i.e. 1x or 1xev ) or not existent, try resetting your BlackBerry smartphone by removing and re-installing the battery.
  5. 1xev blackberry what does it mean
  6. Confirm that your email is properly set up on BlackBerry Internet Service.
    1. Visit https://bell.blackberry
    2. Log in to BlackBerry Internet Service using your username and password
    3. Under Email Accounts. your email account should be displayed. If not, click Set Up Account .
    4. If the email account exists with an icon under the Valid column, click Edit to verify the settings for the account. It's possible that the email account password was changed, in which case it must be re-entered. Re-enter the password and save.
  7. Confirm in BlackBerry Internet Service that the "device" is set to the BlackBerry smartphone that you're using. If you have recently changed your smartphone, you must enter your current smartphone information into BIS so that you continue to receive your email. To confirm:
    1. When logged into BIS, select Change Device from the left menu
    2. Confirm that the PIN displayed is the PIN of your smartphone by navigating to Settings then Status
  8. Log in to your BlackBerry Internet Service account and resend your service books to confirm if the problem still exists. (A service book contains information that configures how your BlackBerry smartphone interacts with the BlackBerry Infrastructure. It also turns on specific services for your BlackBerry smartphone.)
    1. When logged into BIS, select Service Books from the left menu
    2. Click the Send Service Book button. Service Books should be delivered within 5 minutes. When this happens, a confirmation welcome email will appear in your inbox.
  9. Re-register your BlackBerry smartphone by following these steps:
    1. From the home screen, select Options
    2. Select Advanced Options
    3. Select Host Routing Table
    4. From this screen, press the Menu button and select Register Now. If this step is successful, you'll receive a registration email message under Messages. If you do, try sending an email to your own email address to confirm that the problem is solved.

If a registration message does not arrive, or if these steps haven’t solved the problem, please contact Technical Solutions .

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