How can i download videos from internet to iphone

How to download audio/video files from internet and store in iPhone app?

Creating a Folder

For every app you have a Documents Folder. Any files you use in your app are stored here. If you want to create more directories here, then you'd do something like this:

If you want to download audio files from the internet, then you want to look at an asynchronous method of doing it. This means that the application can carry on doing things while your download happens in the background.

How can i download videos from internet to iphone

For this, I recommend you use ASIHTTPREQUEST. It's great for carrying out any download requests, providing you with many options such as pausing a download (as you requested).

The website provides a great deal of documentation on downloading and storing a file. Take a look at the Downloading a File section on this page.

You'd just do something like:

Then just handle the progress and completion through the delegate methods that ASIHTTPRequest offers.

Playing the file is very simple. Once it's on the device and you know where it is, just load it into the audio player.

There's a great tutorial here on using AVAudioPlayer to play sounds. A very simple example of using it in your case would be:

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