4gb how many apps

Is a 4GB or 8GB Tablet enough?

Though it is a difficult

Though it is a difficult question to answer, let me make an attempt.

First, it is important to remember that you will not have all the 4GB or 8GB internal storage that is mentioned in the Tablet PC specs. Some storage would be occupied by the operating system and any pre-installed apps. The actual available storage will be lower than the mentioned storage. So, check how much actual space you have in your tablet.

4gb how many apps

How much can you store again depends on what you want to store. Let's assume that a 1 hour video that you download from youtube can be around 200MB in size. A 300 page ebook without many images can be around 3MB in size.

So, if you are having a 4GB tablet, let us look at using around 2 GB of that storage. In that 2 GB, you can store all of the below

4 x 1hour videos,

5 x 30 min videos,

10 x 15 min videos,

15 x 5 min videos,

15 x 300 page ebooks.

Please note that I have assumed that a 1 hour youtube video is around 200 MB size and a 300 page ebook is around 3MB in size. The actual sizes may be different. The resolution of the video can affect the size. Also, if you have a recipe ebook with lots of photos in it, it will be larger in size.

If you are having an 8GB internal storage tablet, let us leave aside 2GB for o/s and all other pre-installed apps, leaving 6GB for our storage. You might have more than 6GB with you, but to be on the safer side, assume you have 6 GB.

10 x 1 hour videos,

20 x 30 min videos,

So, if you think that an 4GB or 8GB tablet is not sufficient for you, then you should either look at higher storage like 16GB or 32GB tablets. Or you can buy a tablet with microSD card slot that will allow you upto 32GB extra storage. Having a USB port is also good to connect a USB pen drive and store some stuff there.

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